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Commercial Electrical Services

As a leading electrical contractor, we specialize in providing top-notch electrical solutions tailored to commercial needs. Our services cater to the unique needs of Education, Retail, Medical, Restaurants, Tenant Improvement, and Site Lighting. With our experienced team and commitment to excellence, we ensure that your projects are powered safely and efficiently.

Serving Central Florida since 1999

Education Electrical Services

We provide specialized electrical services for educational institutions, from primary schools to universities. Our team ensures safe, compliant, and efficient installations, tailored to foster an optimal learning environment. We focus on durability and advanced technology integration, facilitating both current educational needs and future expansions.

Smart Classroom Technology
We install advanced smart technology solutions that integrate seamlessly into educational settings, enhancing interactivity and learning outcomes.
Emergency Lighting Systems
Our emergency lighting installations ensure that educational facilities are equipped for safety during power outages and emergencies, complying with all regulatory standards.

Retail Electrical Services

Our retail electrical services are designed to enhance shopping environments through customized lighting, power, and security system installations. We work closely with commercial contractors to create appealing, energy-efficient, and shopper-friendly spaces that boost visitor satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Energy Management Systems
We implement energy management systems that help retail outlets control and reduce their energy usage while maintaining optimal operational conditions.
Custom Display Lighting
Specialized display lighting services enhance product visibility and shopper engagement, tailored to each retailer’s unique branding and store layout.
Commercial Retail

Medical Electrical Services

We offer expert electrical solutions for the healthcare sector, ensuring all installations meet the strictest safety standards required in medical facilities. From patient rooms to complex laboratory equipment, our precise and reliable services support the critical needs of healthcare operations.

Backup Power Systems
We provide robust backup power solutions to ensure uninterrupted power supply for critical medical operations and equipment.
Patient Room Lighting Solutions
Our tailored lighting solutions for patient rooms promote comfort and wellness, contributing to a healing environment.
Commercial Medical Electrical

Electrical Work You Can Trust

Rely on us for dependable electrical services that ensure safety, efficiency, and quality. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail make us the trusted choice for all your electrical needs.

Experienced and Knowledgeable

With years of industry experience and a deep understanding of electrical systems, our team is equipped to handle any challenge, ensuring reliable and effective solutions for every project.

Team Players

We collaborate closely with contractors to ensure seamless integration and execution of electrical services, fostering a cooperative environment that drives project success.

Attention to Detail

Our meticulous approach to every aspect of our electrical work guarantees that nothing is overlooked, from the initial planning stages to the final installation, ensuring superior results.

Restaurant Electrical Services

Our services for restaurants include customized electrical installations that cater to the unique needs of the food service industry. We ensure kitchens are equipped with safe and robust wiring to handle heavy-duty appliances, while creating ambient dining areas with specialized lighting solutions.

Commercial Kitchen Wiring
We handle the complex wiring requirements of commercial kitchens, ensuring that all electrical installations support high-performance kitchen operations safely.
Dining Lighting
We design and install atmospheric lighting solutions for dining areas, enhancing ambiance and extending dining space usability.
Restaurant Electrical Lighting

Tenant Improvement

We specialize in electrical tenant improvements, helping commercial contractors update and enhance electrical systems for commercial leases. Our team ensures that the new installations are tailored to the tenant’s specific needs, from office buildings to retail spaces, providing both functionality and efficiency.

Office Build-Outs
Electrical services tailored for office renovations and build-outs, ensuring optimal layout and functionality for various business needs.
Retail Space Customization
Specialized electrical modifications to suit new retail tenants, including custom fixtures and energy-efficient upgrades.
Commercial Space Electrical Work

Site Lighting

Our site lighting services focus on enhancing safety, security, and aesthetics for any project. We collaborate with commercial contractors to design and implement effective lighting solutions that illuminate landscapes, parking lots, and building exteriors, ensuring visibility and energy efficiency.

Parking Lot Illumination
We design and install comprehensive lighting systems for parking lots, improving safety and visibility for both vehicles and pedestrians.
Architectural Accent Lighting
Enhancing building aesthetics with architectural accent lighting that complements the design and highlights key features of the structure.
Commercial Site Lighting